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    How to let the keyboard has a "Move to Next" button similar to "Add contact" screen

    In the Asha 501 built-in Contacts app, when adding a new contact, on the keyboard's bottom right corner there is an highlighted "-->" button to move to next text field. How to do this in LWUIT?

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    Re: How to let the keyboard has a "Move to Next" button similar to "Add contact" scre

    It is not necessarily supported for LWUIT. http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...-keyboard.html and http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...ustomitem.html are listing various things you can do with the Virtual Keyboard, but extra control keys are not mentioned there.
    You can still try if the button appears for LCDUI Form-s, at least that is a partially native implementation (LWUIT is a completely Java toolkit runnin on top of Canvas).

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