I am having a problem related with the SDK. I would appreciate it if someone could give me a solution about it.

When calling the following function, I get my image rotated by 90 degrees.
Even if I call the following before the GetPreviewBufferArgb, it doesn't seem to work.
                camera.SensorLocation == CameraSensorLocation.Back
                ? camera.SensorRotationInDegrees : -camera.SensorRotationInDegrees);
The weird thing is that the above SetProperty works when I do the following and it works for both the Thumbnail and the normal resolution capture (strange isn't it?):
CameraCaptureSequence cs = camera.CreateCaptureSequence(1);
            MemoryStream st = new MemoryStream();
            MemoryStream st2 = new MemoryStream();
            cs.Frames[0].CaptureStream = st.AsOutputStream();
            cs.Frames[0].ThumbnailStream = st2.AsOutputStream();
            await camera.PrepareCaptureSequenceAsync(cs);
            await camera.FocusAsync();
            await cs.StartCaptureAsync();
Do I miss anything in order to get in the correct angle the image from GetPreviewBufferArgb or do I have to rotate it manually by code?

Best regards

Efthymios Kalyviotis