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    [ERROR] Disconnect from Emulator

    Hello Guys,
    I am developing a game using Nokia IDE dan Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java (Emulator for Asha 311).

    Usually, it runs smoothly, but now it always dicsonnected when I try to run as midlet at emulator.

    This is the Error log:
    UEIInvocationParameters: About to call FileUtils.createFakeJadAndJar(classname=game.sketchfighter.Mainclasspath=null)
    Emulator command: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_SDK_2_0_Java\bin\Nokia_SDK_2_0_Java_em.exe
    Connecting to Running "Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java" Instance #2000 ...
    connected to port 2139
    creating pipe
    replacing stdout or stderr handle
    "Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java" Connection Terminated

    From my understanding, the cause is classpath=null, which is the only difference between this error log, and log from succesful run on emulator.
    Problem is, I don't know why it happened, or how to fix it.

    I have tried deleteing .mtj.tmp, bin, deployed folder and clean project. close- and reopen project also didn't work.
    I reset run configuration setting.
    I also tried restart PC, even reinstalling Nokia SDK.

    None of them works.
    I use Git, and when I clone that project it always works. Then I refractor its name, and change its application descriptor, it still works.
    Then without me ding anything, suddenly the error keeps reappearing.

    I read in this forum that this is the known bug in Asha SDK beta, but the thread also said it is fixed. I have a friend who use the same SDK installer, and this error never occured to him.
    I use JDK 6 (because i heard that JDK 7 is cot compatible).

    I have tried everything I usually do to fix error, but this one still appearing. Any advice on how to fix this?


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    Re: [ERROR] Disconnect from Emulator

    hi is good service provided you.thanq

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    Re: [ERROR] Disconnect from Emulator

    Quote Originally Posted by Inspedio View Post
    I use JDK 6 (because i heard that JDK 7 is cot compatible).
    At least, I am able comment on this one: Even the Nokia 311 emulators works with JDK 7 …
    As workaround: You are able to start the emulator from Windows » Start » Programs » Nokia. There, you are able to start just the emulator and load your MIDlet from the File menu. A workaround, I said.

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