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    Angry Camera Roll Crashes App on Nokia 1020

    We are building a new Windows Phone app, the app uses the image selectors, and its working on all devices except in the Nokia 1020.
    The app creates a a slide show from a pictures folder. When selecting Camera Roll or my favorites on Nokia 1020, the app crashes. It does not crash on the other devices. Any ideas?

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    Re: Camera Roll Crashes App on Nokia 1020

    Not quite sure if that could be the case or not but in some circumstances you will get files that are videos back from queries for an album. If you then try to actually get the data of those that will give you an exception. I'm not sure though if that could be your problem (and you incidently didn't have a video in the camera roll on your other test devices).

    Aside from that knowing what kind of Exception you get when trying to access the Camera roll would be very helpful in analyzing your problem.

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    Re: Camera Roll Crashes App on Nokia 1020

    Just a blind guess without actual experience: as the Nokia Lumia 1020 creates significantly larger images than any other WP devices, and your application (and also Camera Roll) deals with images, something may simply run out of memory. Yes, I know the story with the high-res+low-res image pairs, and there are thumbnails too, but it might still happen.

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    Re: Camera Roll Crashes App on Nokia 1020

    Without other information, it's difficult to help you.

    How do you list the pictures?

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    Re: Camera Roll Crashes App on Nokia 1020

    Adding to the others questons about your issue, can you please provide:

    - What are you doing to access camera roll? Can you share the code? I also have a 1020, I can test that if you want.
    - What is the exception? Can you give us the error message and the stack trace is possible?
    - If you dont have an error message, implement try-catch error handling around your code and see if you can get it that way
    - Does the error happens on the Windows Phone emulator?
    - What other phones have you tested that on?

    When facing an error its always good policy to share the code that is causing the error and / or the error number, message and stack trace. If you just tell us there is an error, and nothing else to go one with, you are just asking us to make guess work and both you and the people trying to help you will be loosing time chasing different solutions that may not even apply.

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