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    ZoomBar bookmarks

    At the moment, the API offers zoom levels between 0 (zero) and 20. This is reflected by the UI component ZoomBar on the Map view. The zoom levels used by the UI map zoom component are:
    Level Name
    14 Street
    11 City
    8 County
    3 Country.

    Before when i was using IE7, these bookmarks were shown on the mouseover the ZoomBar but with IE 9 or IE 10 these bookmarks have disappeared.
    So my question is how to have these bookmarks on IE 9 and IE 10

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    Re: ZoomBar bookmarks

    HERE support is moving to StackOverflow right now, see announcement http://developer.nokia.com/Community...ment.php?f=283
    (I assume you are actually not using IE on Nokia Asha/Series 40 devices, and just posted here because the HERE boards, http://developer.nokia.com/Community...-Location-APIs, are closing)

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