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    make service call

    hi ,
    i am new in qt and i want make service call in my app like *125# .
    i tried to do it with this code : Qt.openUrlExternally("tel:1234567890")
    but it's not work .
    help me pleez .

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    Re: make service call

    Those are not telephone numbers, that is why calling them does not work.
    The name is USSD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unstruc...y_Service_Data), and if you search for Qt send USSD site:nokia.com with Google, you will get some discussions/articles. Some of them may refer to API-s which are not present in the SDK-s, then you may need plug-in packs from http://developer.nokia.com/Community...DK_API_Plug-in or even the ex-open source Symbian^3 code from SourceForge (project symbiandump).

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    Re: make service call

    Also they all might not be USSD calls really. There could also be the things like call-forwarding, call waiting etc. which would need to have own API to use used. The USSD stuff are generally operator specific service commands.

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    Re: make service call

    thanks for help me but ,
    i searched and found this code here .
    but i don't know how to use it ,
    i just know qml codes ,
    help me again plez

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