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    N9 problem - sms ends up in wrong conversations

    An SMS comes in and shows as a wrong sender. When I get a message the right person comes on the front page, but when I open it and go to messages, the message seems to be from a whole different person(even it is from the right person). I have tried to delete all messages, rebooted, but the problem continues... And there is no dublicate contacts.
    I wonder if it is related to the PC suite/Ovi suite/Nokia links -services? Or is it just a bug in the N9 software?

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    Re: N9 problem - sms ends up in wrong conversations

    Perhaps your issue is related to something thats mentioned in http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ser-s-problems

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    Re: N9 problem - sms ends up in wrong conversations

    Sign this Petition to fix this BUG!!


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