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    Re: How to apply server side push notification in asha 501

    The environment selector is only for development use, the end-user of you application will always be using the "production" environment.

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    Re: How to apply server side push notification in asha 501

    ya i have done that. How can i handle these notifications on my end when server sends me.
    In android apps , when notification comes , app is not opened , only dialog is shown on clicking on new notification.

    But in case of nokia, when i clicked on new notification, my app is getting open. So how to handle the message i received at my end?

    Here is my code ..but is not working

    public void messageReceived(NotificationMessage message)
    		System.out.println("MESSAGE RECEIVED");
    		String s=message.getPayload().getData();
    	Dialog d=new Dialog("NEW MESSAGE");
    	Label l=new Label();
    plz help
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    Re: How to apply server side push notification in asha 501

    whenever i submit notification id and payload in com.example service for text notification notification store message is showing .......
    and do not have recive notification on my device notification id????
    plz reply

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