Oliver Ulm (SB Dev) has been selected as COM winner for the month of September.

Oliver has written a few really useful articles (App deployment options for Windows Phone, How to get the device IP addresses on Windows Phone). In addition he has retested and updated a large number of Windows Phone 7 articles to Windows Phone 8, and provided thorough and detailed editorial correction and technical improvements to others. Finally, he has given excellent technical feedback on a number of new posts (like How to terminate a Windows Phone app), enabling the authors to deliver much more useful and readable articles. You can check out all his contributions here.

Contributor of the month is usually awarded to wiki contributors who have been active for several months, if only because it usually takes some months for new contributors to develop the skills to create great articles. Oliver is an exceptional exception to this rule!

We'll be sending him a Nokia Lumia 720 and a Monster Headset. Please join me in congratulating him here.

Next month we'll again be sending a high end Nokia Lumia to our COM winner. You can be a Contributor of the Month by contributing useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or by significantly shaping up the already existing ones!