Hello all.
I am developing an app that uses a dialer. This App is supposed to launch calls using the stock dialer from the telephone. And it does fine if user has settings >calls > call type setting to "prefer voice call" or "voice call only".
But now I found a problem that happens

IF the user has a voip account in the mobile AND set mobile to prefer net call AND has no WiFi.

So, if the user has set
settings > calls > call type setting > prefer net call
but has no WiFi (is not registered to is voip server), when he dials manually, the mobile is able to understand that the preferred call method is not available and uses the normal voice call.

However when using my dialer, when dialer requests the call, the phone doesn't do anything - it seems that is not able to understand that the preferred calling method is not available and doesn't launch the call as a normal voice call.

Anyone has any clue how to overcome this?

Cheers all

model: Asha 311 v07.36