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Thread: Cocos2d + XAML

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    Cocos2d + XAML


    anybody having a working example of Cocos2D-x + XAML or Cocos2D-XNA + XAML? I do not care which, but I need a combination with XAML as all ad networks do only have silverlight APIs.

    for Cocos2D-x I have found the following information:

    However, the discussion and the example is for Windows 8 (Not Windows Phone 8). Trying to port it to Windows Phone 8 gives different link errors.

    for Cocos-2D-XNA I have found the following template:

    But all I get is a black screen. I have also tried the Cocos2D-XNA tests for Windows Phone but they also give a black screen.


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    Re: Cocos2d + XAML

    Did you got the latest source code from here? https://github.com/totallyevil/cocos2d-xna ?

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