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    How to check internet connection using symbian web runtime


    How can i check the internet connection using symbian web runtime currently i am using following code but it allways shows as error even if the internet connection available.Please give code
    var connectionMessage = "Your device have internet connection.";
    var noConnectionMessage = "Ohh! It seems that your device dont have internet connection.";
    window.onload = checkInternetConnection;
    function checkInternetConnection() {
    var isOnLine = navigator.onLine;

    if (isOnLine) {

    } else {

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    Re: How to check internet connection using symbian web runtime


    the system fires events if a connection is established or breaks:
    window.ononline = function(){alert("Connected!")};
    window.onoffline = function(){alert("Disconnected!")};
    Maybe this solves your problem.

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