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    Bluetooth app to device app development for Windows Phone 8


    I'm currently working on a project that turns the Windows Phone into a remote for your TV, BluRay player, etc. (for now just TV and BluRay). It connects to an external device via Bluetooth. Using the information from this link: http://developer.nokia.com/Community...sing_Bluetooth
    I was able to connect to the device. Now the next step is to transmit and receive data from a custom IR device that hooks to a standard BT shield which is connected to the Arduino UNO. I'm not sure how to do this, is there syntax that is capable of doing this?

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    Re: Bluetooth app to device app development for Windows Phone 8

    If you mean the Command-Message protocol, that is just an example, you can implement anything.
    Then you have to produce meaningful IR signals. A search for IR Arduno with Google brings some articles. While many of them is about receiving signals (e.g. how to control your Arduno with an arbitrary remote control), some of them shows transmitting too. This library seems to be useful: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_IRremote.html. With the receiver code you can learn signals from your remote controls, and later you can play them back according to the commands you get via BT (of course it is also a possibility to have the commands contain the signal).

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    Re: Bluetooth app to device app development for Windows Phone 8

    I didn't understand why you need a IR device. Are you going to use the default (TV, Bluray, etc) remote control yet?

    Anyway, the IR device generates a signal (probably you must read it using the analog port of the Arduino) that you can read then generate a message to the Windows Phone.

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