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    loading .qm files from !:\resource\qt\translations\

    I am working on a Qt app (for Symbian only) and it's multilanguage.
    Currently the translations are embedded into the application .exe via QRC and work fine, but like other apps and offical Nokia stuff I want to store and load them from !:\resource\qt
    This works easily via postrules, but I don't know what I should write into the path of the QTranslator class, because it should work from install drive.
    Can somebody help me?

    Thans in advance
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    Re: loading .qm files from !:\resource\qt\translations\

    Ok solved:
    QString lang = QLocale::system().name();
    QTranslator translator;
    QChar driveLetter = app.applicationFilePath().at(0);
    QString path = QString(driveLetter) + ":/resource/qt/translations";
    if (QFile::exists(path + "/myApp_" + lang + ".qm")) {
    translator.load("myApp_" + lang, path);
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