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    Focal plane of camera (Lumia 520)

    I am working with Lumia 520 on a camera application. For the project, I will need to calculate the shift in the pixels given the physical shift of the camera. Clearly, I will need to know the dimensions of the focal plane to do so. For finding the focal plane, having the lens to sensor distance and focal length should be enough. From the data given on the website, I found that focal length of the camera is 28mm. Further, it is also given that the focus range is 10cm to infinity.

    I am a little confused with this data. The distance between the lens and the sensor will be very small, which will be less than 28mm. This seems a little odd to me, since any object at finite distance should be formed between f and 2f. Perhaps I am missing something important here? Further, if that thing gets cleared, how do I estimate the distance between the lens and the sensor or the lens and the focal plane. I can adjust the manual focus distance, but it is a number between 0 and 1000, which gives me no clue about the physical distance.

    Thanks in advance.
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