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    SSL certificate validations in Windows Phone

    How do I validate an SSL certificate from a Windows Phone application? I need to check for criteria like Certificate Issuer Name, Expiry date, Host name match, Certificate chain etc. programmatically from the app. Are these checks handled by the OS itself for trusted certificates? How can I do these validations for self-signed certificates?

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    Re: SSL certificate validations in Windows Phone

    To my knowledge if you try to connect via HTTPS to a server that has an invalid certificate (name mismatch, expired, etc.) you will get an exception. If you want to use self signed certificates you will have to export them to a .cer file and install that on the device (e.g. mail it to yourself). At least the use of self-signed certificates works that way for Microsoft Exchange.

    I don't know how this works for generic SSL connections though.

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