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    Exclamation Continuous WP8 map redrawing

    When the frame rate counter was enabled in WP my app, I noticed that it continuously updates due to the map control. In other words, the map continues rerendering even when its idle. This causes noticeable device heating and power consuming. Its interesting, that may or may not be the case depending on map view, but its easy to find such a condition. Looks like a bug

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    Re: Continuous WP8 map redrawing

    Tried to debug in native mode - detected the the following stack trace continuously executed (remember: the map and the phone is idle - I don't touch it and there are no binding which could update the map):

    Not Flagged > 4528 0 Worker Thread AgMapControl.dll thread lib5mos.dll!6dab7d64 Normal
    lib5mos.dll!ngeo::RasterTileSourceBase::do_get_valid_zoom_levels() + 5264 bytes
    lib5mos.dll!ngeo::RasterTileSourceBase::do_get_valid_zoom_levels() + 4196 bytes
    lib5mos.dll!ngeo::Map::do_draw() + 54 bytes
    AgMapControl.dll!AgRouterAdapter_CalculateRoute() + 14694 bytes
    AgMapControl.dll!AgRouterAdapter_CalculateRoute() + 13866 bytes
    AgMapControl.dll!AgMapControlAdapter_AddMapObject() + 646 bytes
    AgMapControl.dll!AgMapControlAdapter_TwoFingerTapTriggered() + 888 bytes
    AgMapControl.dll!AgMapControlAdapter_TwoFingerTapTriggered() + 1098 bytes

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