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    CIMD Delivery Request Response delayed and with wrong package number

    When I am opening a dedicated delivering channel to the test account offered by Nokia I am doing the following:

    - opening socket
    - sending CIMD Login (windowing = 1, packagenum = 1)
    - receiving Login Response (packagenum = 1)
    - sending CIMD Delivery Request (Mode = 2, packagenum = 3)
    - now I receive first some CIMD Deliver Request messages
    - after some time I receive the expected Delivery Request Response (packagenum = 5!!!)

    I implemented a workarount to handle this and all is working
    Can somebody explain me this behaviour?
    I only found one FAQ-entry to this subject but the answer did not
    satisfy me.

    (if there are no DeliverMessages waiting for being delivered,
    the Delivery Request Response arrives with a certain delay and
    still with the 'wrong' packagenum!)

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    Can you please tell what is the application ID or login ID what you are using and send the information to the ndh.fi@nokia.com
    e-mail address.

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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