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    Push Notifications for Windows Phone Application

    Hi Nokia Developer Community Members,

    I am currently working on a Windows Phone Application that uses push notification functionality. As a Backend to send toast notifications i have build a custom push server rather than relying on currently available push notification service providers like Windows Azure Mobile services, or buddy.

    My query is as follows:

    After how many days does Microsoft Push Notification Server stop sending Notifications to the user if he/she has not used it?

    Detailed Description : End User has a working Internet Connection on his Windows Phone. He uses my application today and then doesnt use it for next 30 days. Will the user still receive the notifications that i send from my server after 30 days? If your answers is NO. then whats the maximum timelimit allowed as per today's policy.

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    Re: Push Notifications for Windows Phone Application


    for Windows 8 I know it's 30 days, but WP I have no idea also didn't find the information on the net it's suggested to always check if the channel uri is valid, if not create a new one and update it your server, the problem remains if it's no longer valid you'll execute an unnecessary query.


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    Re: Push Notifications for Windows Phone Application

    I couldn't find a definitive answer but it seems that the notification URI expires after a certain time and unless you launch the App in the meantime the URI won't work any more effectively no longer allowing you to send messages (even though the push channel is still registered). see: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/For...pnotifications

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