Hello developers,

I have a Webapp that displays images from a foreign server I do not control. This has worked nicely for several month till today.
Now it happened that the server does not deliver the images at the path it should.
It delivers a 404 instead. And my webapp shows a big grey rectangle instead of the picture.
On the emulator I see a small icon for a broken image, but on the device just this rectangle.
(In this special case their web page is also broken, so I hope they will fix it soon. But if I'm unlucky they reorganize everything)

Now what can I do, so the user is not confused to much?
Can I check if images were successful loaded,
so I can replace them with something different, or show a message?
(currently the images are loaded just as img-tags, but I can load them also as background image, if this helps somehow)

If this is permanent, what do I do in the app store? I do not want that users download the software while it is not working.
Never the less I would like that the users can get information there. But releasing a new version take a week. Ideally I would like that the users can get some Information that service is unavailable in moment, and they should come back when a new version is there.
What options do I have ?


Karsten Meier