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    Mixed events bug

    Hi, I have read documentation regarding mixed events and mwl.loadURL

    Based on that I have created code and tested on Asha 501 device.

    <div id="changeColor" onclick="mwl.toggleClass('#controlBox', 'red'); checkControlBox();" style="height: 50px;">VideoLink5</div>
    <div id="videoLink" onclick="mwl.loadURL('http://www.google.com'); checkControlBox();" style="height: 50px;">VideoLink</div>
    In those two similar cases, I can see different behavior.
    In first case, where id is "changeColor", on click both functions trigger.
    In second case, where id is "videoLink", on click only checkControlBox is executed. mwl.loadURL doesn't trigger.

    My question is: "Is there a way how to trigger mwl.loadURL and a javascript function on one click?"

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    Re: Mixed events bug

    You may check what happens if "mwl.loadURL('http://www.google.com'); checkControlBox();" is extracted into a separate function.

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    Re: Mixed events bug

    Thanks for your answer, wizard_hu_.

    I tried. First I created a function (1). On first sight, it looks good. Google loads (2). But once I try to return back from "http://www.google.com", browser opens dialog, there is a close application popup(3). After I confirmed, my application shows up (4). Next press on back button, message "Corrupted Application" - Error Code 6305 - appears (see screenshots) (5).

    Conclusion: using mwl.loadURL in javascript leads to a system failure.





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    Re: Mixed events bug

    I forgot to explain my motivation: I want to save application status before leaving application. But I'm unable to do that without calling a javascript function.

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