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    Question Trivia app

    I was trying to make a Trivia Asha web app. I filled in all the information in the window that comes up when you click to make a new project. I filled in all the category names, Questions, Answers and clicked on finish button but when I ran the app, the default(example nokia trivia app's) categories, questions and answers came. I did no coding at all. I am confused on how to make a trivia asha web app.

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    Re: Trivia app

    Recognize that the new project wizard, which allows you to chose to create a Trivia web app, only creates a basic set of files for you to modify to create YOUR web app. At a minimum, you will need to go into trivia.js and find the comment which says // Fill game with data. You will need to substitute your Categories for the default categories. You will also need to substitute your Questions for the default Questions. You may add more categories and questions by repeating the var category = ... and category.addQuestion(... Category and Question sets. For instance, you would add a fourth category by var category4 = Trivia.createCategory('MyNewCategory'); category4.addQuestion("MyNewQuestion", "Answer1|Answer2|Answer3|Answer4".split("|"), correctanswernumber); ... then follow with more questions and answers to fill out the set.

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