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    [moved] Image meta data for Asha 501

    When I try to publish my app I saw a section additional meta data section.
    It needs 240 X 320 size image, If I try to upload it shows

    Image must not have alpha channel

    Edit - optional - (Required by Asha 501 Dual SIM and Asha 501)
    Fifth screen shot Show scaled versions

    Edit - optional - (Required by Asha 501 Dual SIM, Asha 501, and RM-900)

    I got 2 question in my mind.
    -What does it mean not have alpha channel, what should I do here?
    - It looks for 501, developer must provide this image (4th/5th image), but what if my app does not have so many screenshoot?


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    Re: [moved] Image meta data for Asha 501


    Alpha channel can be used to make parts of PNG images transparent or semi-transparent. However, many editing tools seem to save alpha channel in PNGs by default, even if the image does not have any transparent areas. Whatever application you use to edit the images might have the option to remove alpha channel or save without transparencies. I usually get rid of the alpha channel with ImageMagick convert after creating/editing the files:

    convert.exe oldfilewithalpha.png -background #00ffff -flatten -alpha off newfilewithnoalpha.png
    The alpha channel problem with the 240x320 screenshots and Asha banner has also been discussed (well, at least reported) earlier in this thread:

    Btw, the 240x320 screenshots are not really required, even though the website says so. The only new thing required for Asha 501 is the 120x60 pixel banner.

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