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    not visible in store

    I had successfully published my android app at the store, the Nokia publish team sent me the notification of it including the link. when I click the link, it says

    Sorry, this item is not available for your
    Browse more great content in the "Related"
    section below.

    and while publishing my app, I tick the visibility ti worldwide option.

    why this happens

    the link is


    if you can view this app, plz give a reply

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    Re: not visible in store

    currently the Nokia X applications are not shown in the browser, thus it is normal not to see them in there.

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    Re: not visible in store

    thank you for clarifying, so when it will be visible ?

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    Re: not visible in store

    Checking the specification page, http://developer.nokia.com/devices/d...ations/nokia-x (and the other two), Nokia X devices are "Announced", but not shipping yet.
    Based on a Google search it seems to ship in India for two days.
    So practically the Indian store is the one which may worth checking, it is rather normal that other stores do not list Nokia X apps, as there are no devices to run the apps.

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    Re: not visible in store

    How do we check the Indian store - is there a specific URL? I don't have a Nokia X device, so can't check through the Nokia Store application.

    How do we check reviews/ratings if we can't see the page - is there another way to get reviews/ratings that we've received?

    It would also be nice to see things like where our apps are in the "Most popular" rankings and so on.

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