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    [RSA] Decryption in Asha platform

    I'm programming an application with RSA decryption function.
    Encoded secret key is stored in a file in Midlet. I load secret key as a string. However, i dont know how to load encoded secret key to RSAPrivateKey using SATSA APIs (that Asha supported).
    Any body can help me ?

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    Re: [RSA] Decryption in Asha platform

    I'm not sure i understand what is the problem your facing, have you tried loading the key byte array data from the file to a SecretKeySpec object?
    lets say your key data is stored in
    byte[] data;
    you just use new SecretKeySpec(data,0,data.length,"RSA");
    if your key is inside a file in your jar then you can easily read it into a byte[]

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