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    Using the track previews in my app

    First, I've been playing around with this REST API and love it! Right now I'm building an app that can play a preview of a song. Do I need to provide a link for where to purchase the song or should I provide where I found the preview? Any documentation on what I need to provide to use the API in production would be great. Thanks!

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    Re: Using the track previews in my app

    Hi, glad you're enjoying the API!
    The full legal terms are here (sorry in advance!) - http://api.ent.nokia.com/terms.html - the relevant part being "6.4. Requirements for Your Applications". Before you click though, I'll summarise...
    We want you to link though to our apps - either to native clients such as Windows Phone, Windows 8, S40 or to our web site.
    The product JSON includes a "storeuri" field that makes this easy for you - see http://api.ent.nokia.com/restapi.html#__Store_Links - and our web will handle sending people on to native clients if they are running on a compatible device.

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