Oliver Ulm (SB Dev) has been selected as our Poster of the Month for October!

Oliver was selected because of the quality and consistency of his answers on the Windows Phone discussion boards across more than three months. In several cases he has gone "above and beyond" what would be expected - providing buildable projects as solutions to developer problems, and then further sharing the code as complete wiki articles (he was also our wiki "COM" winner last month).

We'll be sending him a Lumia 920 in the next couple of days.

Please join me in congratulating Oliver here - he is truly one of our great cross-site contributors.



The Nokia Developer Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is awarded based on the quality, camaraderie, consistency, and to some small extent the quantity of discussion board responses as judged by the Nokia Developer Moderators. In addition to receiving a high end Nokia device POM winners are considered in Champion selection rounds and gain the respect of their peers. It also looks pretty good on your resume!