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    Post how to manages different screen resolution

    We are developed java me app but, we have problem regrading screen resolution our games are only for specific screen(240 x 400) resolution but how can we cover other screen resolution
    phones based on java platform.

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    Re: how to manages different screen resolution

    Since games are mainly mathematics, the simplest way of answering your question is that you need to make your game logic resolution independent.

    Having said that, it can get pretty tough at times.Portability mainly depends on the game itself.Some games are quite easy to port, while others can give you little trouble (Esp in the boundary conditions )

    Also, make sure that your graphic elements adopt to the change in size properly.You need to scale your images through code to adjust to various display sizes.Otherwise your game characters can clip out of the frame or appear too big or too small.

    Hence it becomes essential to test it in a real device if you have one.You can always use the RDA service if you dont have a device.

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