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    How to handle BluetoothStateException

    My J2ME (Eclipse) app requires bt connection in order to run.. When app starts it checks for bt and in most nokia phones, if bt is off it asks to turn it on, but on N95 it throws BluetoothStateException. My question is - is there a way to handle this exception? Cause usual:

         discoveryAgent = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice().getDiscoveryAgent();
    }catch(BluetoothStateException e) { CustomFunctionToShowErrorWindow();}
    is not working....

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: How to handle BluetoothStateException

    Not aware of any solution, and I tried a lot.
    I guess, turning on Bluetooth (or causing the user to be asked) was introduced very late on the Symbian platform.
    If you find something, please, update this thread.

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    Re: How to handle BluetoothStateException

    How about just asking the user to turn on the BT and retry the discover flow? (if an exception occour that is)

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