Hello everyone!

I'm a bit stuck with strange behaviour of List component in Asha SDK. What I'm doing is using TextField and List on the same form. Just a TextField and a List on BoxLayout, with no relationship. The problem is - focusing on TextField seems to trigger creation of another List component which is exact copy of original one, but displays just one item. You can see it on 'textfield_with_focus.png' image
- large green border marks 2 horizontal row delimiters - first one belongs to original List, second one seems to belong to that new fake List
- small green border marks little vertical scroll bar which works for new fake List. Original List uses big scroll bar, you can see it on the right.
- 'Item 9' on provided image belongs to fake List, 'Item 8' - to original one.

Image 'textfield_no_focus.png' shows that there is only one List displayed when TextField isn't focused.

Could you please advise is there any way to solve this glitch? Is it possible to tweak it somehow with LookAndFeel? I really don't need that fake List.
By the way, on Nokia SDK 2 (S40) there is no such glitch, everything works as expected.

P.S. What I'm trying to implement is Autocomplete TextField. I'm using this article for that. If there is any other way to do so for Asha SDK, please share.