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    [Help]Transparent fills..

    I want the code to draw transparent rectangle in j2me.. I searched but couldnt get anything useful.. So please could you please give me the code to draw transparent rectangle.. My background colour is black and the rectangle colour of will be white..

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    Re: [Help]Transparent fills..

    Quote Originally Posted by subha095 View Post
    My background colour is black and the rectangle colour of will be white..
    And what do you mean on "transparent"? So far you could draw a full-screen opaque black rectangle as background and an opaque white rectangle somewhere on it.
    If you search for transp in the documentation of Graphics, you will find hits for transparency, transparent. drawRGB may be useful, if you really need transparency, without Image-s involved.
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    Re: [Help]Transparent fills..


    If u r working on Canvas or LCDUI, you can use drawRGB as wizard suggested.

    If you are using LWUIT, you have a direct method to draw a rectangle with alpha channel.

    Create a custom component and in the paint method, set the colour to white with g.setColor(0xFFFFFF) and then draw the rectangle with
    g.fillRect(x, y,width,height, alpha)

    Supply the required amount of transparency in the final parameter.

    alpha = 0 => Fully Transparent
    alpha = 255 => Fully Opaque.

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