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    Launching dialer and power menu

    I build a little QtQuick shell and need some APIs, maybe somebody can help?

    Currently this two features are missing:
    1. How to launch the native dialer? I saw some 3rd party apps can do it.
    Launching phoneUI.exe doesn't work and I don't know about other tasks, looks more like an API than starting a process.

    2. Is there a way to show the power menu? S^3 sources say it's related to sysap.exe but I can find a API to communicate with this system process, maybe there's a simple API e.g. like with launching taskmanager or keylock.


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    Re: Launching dialer and power menu

    looks that ther are no better ways than simulating keys, here's older discussion on the dial pad: http://developer.nokia.com/Community...60-5th-edition

    though, if you want to make a call, then you could use CTelephony API for the task.

    For the power menu, if it is the one that comes from power button pressing, then I would also suppose that the only way would be to simulate the key. All and all, simulating keys is more-or-less workaround, and not clean solution, thus it might fail on some unexpected situations.

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    Re: Launching dialer and power menu

    thanks for your answer
    Will try that now.

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