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    Bring background app to foreground - Qt

    Hi all,

    I am successful in sending the app to background on pressing the red key.

    But whenever I try to open the running app from the phone menu icon, the app ui does not show up. Instead a black screen is shown.

    Can somebody please let me know how to do that to make the ui come up seamlessly?


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    Re: Bring background app to foreground - Qt

    I am using the following code to send the app to background.

    //        RWindowGroup* wg = &CCoeEnv::Static()->RootWin();
    //        wg->SetOrdinalPosition(0);
    I am looking similar to bring it back to the foreground. I tried setting the ordinal position to 1 but didn't work.

    One doubt I have is how would app detect that somebody has opened it because at that point some code should work
    to make this happen.

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    Re: Bring background app to foreground - Qt

    SetOrdinalPosition(0, ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront)? It worked in the past.
    In Avkon, there is a single call for it, CAknAppUi::BringToForeground. While you probably can not use it from Qt, if nothing else works, you may check what it does in the source code (project symbiandump on SourceForge, but I think you know it already).

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    Re: Bring background app to foreground - Qt

    if your app is QWidget based call your main widget's lower() method to send it to background.
    If you re-open it from menu it will work fine again.

    E.g. QMainWindow main;

    in your method which captures the key press


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