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    Post nokia asha development

    i have made an app on nokia asha platform 1.0 and run on simulator asha 501 .....but now i want to text it on nokia asha 202 series 40 software version...can i text on it????
    plz help.....

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    Re: nokia asha development

    Hello Nokia Asha developer!

    Do you want to "text" your app or do you want to test it?
    Anyway, first thing you need to do is find the specification of the device. It is here:

    Are we talking about an Java App or an WebApp?
    If we talk about a Java app:

    You see the device is a
    "Developer Platform Series 40 Developer Platform 1.1"
    ("You can also find there the screen resolution, APIs, the maximum jar size.)

    Down the left column you see a text "Recommended SDK(s)"
    When you follow the link you can download the corresponding sdk.
    The sdk is different for different "developer platforms"

    The Asha 501 is newer and has several things the Asha 202 does not has. So if you just use the jar file of the Asha 501,
    you have a high chance that it will not work.

    Depending on your IDE, you can put different configuration to your project, and each configuration uses a different sdk.

    Unfortunately, the whole thing can be quite confusing. And the naming of the SDK/developer platform adds to this confusion.

    Hope this helps to get you started


    Karsten Meier

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