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    Post Buddy Platform- User Email Account

    ck.umraliya, you saved me...Really thanks!

    [original post]
    Hello, i'm new in this world of development, specially for windows phone.
    I'm trying to develop an app using the "Buddy Platform- http://buddy.com".
    In the MainPage. the user have options to create account using this function:
    SignupOrLogin(true,txtUserName_signup.Text, txtPassword_signup.Password);
    the UserName and Password be stored in my Buddy Account, but i want to store the user email too for option of recovery password via e-mail. Does anyone know how can i do this?
    Sorry about my bad english...Thanks!
    [end of original post]
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    Re: Buddy Platform- User Email Account


    You can use CreateUserAsync method to create a new user with data more than just username and password as described at http://buddy.com/dotnetsdk/html/M_Bu...serAsync_1.htm

    Following Wiki article may also be useful to you
    - Chintan Umraliya

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