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    sms messages saved as scrambled *.txt files

    Dear all,

    I'm new here, so first of all good morning / good afternoon to everyone.
    I'm not a developer myself but I found your forum looking for an answer to an urgent question I have, which is as follows:

    I undeleted some sms messages from a Nokia 5130 xpressmusic. I did it successfully from my PC using a tool called r-undelete. The problem is that after recovery the messages are visible as *.txt files containing something that looks vaguely as base64 code, but apparently it's something else.
    A complete *.txt file looks as follows:

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

    The undeleted sms messages are very, very important for me. If anyone knows what code this is and how to decode them, I will be profoundly grateful. Any hints are more than welcome.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: sms messages saved as scrambled *.txt files

    I don't think that the format would have been specified anywhere, anyway, you could always experiment ans try opening the files with different stream store classes, would suppose that the text is not encrypted, and likely the SMS application is using some generic API for storing the data.

    Easiest way to check out the API would have been to check the open source parts, unfortunately the codes are not available at symbian site anymore.

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