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    Upgrading a J2ME application

    Hi fellow nokia developers,

    I am struggling to find out what is the best way to upgrade a J2ME app for nokia s40.

    Currently, I can fetch the latest version of my app through an HTTP connection, but this just installs another copy of the application. I want to be able to replace the old version with a newer one. How is this possible?

    Keep in mind that the app is not signed! Would signing the application bring any advantages in being able to upgrade the app remotely by pushing updates?


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    Re: Upgrading a J2ME application

    If you search for update midlet site:developer.nokia.com with Google, you will find a couple ideas. A thing which puzzles me is that you report a new installation of the same Midlet.
    http://developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Update_Midlet - uses platformRequest
    http://developer.nokia.com/Community..._(Known_Issue) - describes an extra property for the JAD file
    http://developer.nokia.com/Community...ate-the-midlet - discusses manual update
    while the approaches are different, a thing is common for all of them: they say they result in update, not a separate installation. Do you happen to change the name of the Midlet perhaps?

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    Re: Upgrading a J2ME application


    If you re-install the upgrade, I suppose it "upgrades" over the previous upgrade version, instead of creating yet another copy of the application? That means that there's some difference between the original application and the upgrade that's causing the upgrade being detected as a different application.

    According to the original post, both the original version and upgrade are unsigned, so the reason can't be signatures.
    Does the upgraded version have the same MIDlet-Name as the original application? Compare the JADs for other differences too.
    Did you install the original version same way as you're installing the upgrade (HTTP)?

    Things that cause a JAD/JAR appear as a new application instead of as an upgrade to an existing one are not always very intuitive. I was a bit puzzled about a bit similar issue a while back, and it turned out that at least on some devices, installations via Nokia Suite were handled differently than HTTP installations:

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    Re: Upgrading a J2ME application

    Thank you to both,

    So, it seems that if one has an un-certified application, if we create manually the JAD file with this process http://developer.nokia.com/Community..._from_JAR_file and remove the last two lines (as suggested in point 6) it works.

    When we update through the JAD file it replaces rather than creates a new instance of the application.

    Thanks again.

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