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    building for 1080p

    i just realised when im building i only get these options in VS12

    WVGA WXGA 720p

    so even though i have code (in monogame) to use different assets/sizing if the screen is 1080p
    will it ever get called?

    do i need vs13?

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    Re: building for 1080p

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...v=vs.105).aspx generally treats 1080p as a "sub"-case of 720p, so it may be normal if 1080p is not listed separately.

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    Re: building for 1080p

    Also, on a technical level you're not "building" for 1080p, most of the resolution differences are relevant at run time.

    From a built point of view, all that matters is ARM for WP8. As for screen resolutions, we still can't test on a 1080p emulator yet but I'd expect those in the next couple of weeks (if not sooner as the 1520 is nearly out).

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    Re: building for 1080p

    GDR3 treats 1080p screens mostly the same as 720p screens. You can detect if you're running on 1080p by calculating the actual density of the screen that is being used. My guess is that Microsoft didn't want to change the official APIs (which is also why we have to use Reflection to work with the new notification options). Therefore I'd say we will see a separate 1080p option with WP8.1

    Therefore it's quite likely that you will have to detect 1080p in a non-standard way in your game and configure the engine to use it. This sample might be useful in implementing the functionality: http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...derations.html

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