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    How to use push registry as daily notification

    I am working on s40 app and using push registry alarm. I am setting time and after that particular time i get notification.
    My requirement is that i want to use it as daily notification i.e i want to set notification time once and it should give notification daily at that time.
    I am using following code

    	PushRegistry.registerAlarm("groove.MainUI", timeToWakeUp);
    When i set it , it asks user for yes or no(registration) to set alarm. I want that it should not ask the same from user for daily notification but only once when user sets time.
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    Re: How to use push registry as daily notification

    From my experience, I think that you can not use PushRegistry as a daily notification, in a simple way. If you want to do it you will need to set the time of the PushRegistry alarm in a manual way and it is impossible if the midlet isn't open.

    I think that you must try to create Events in the PIM, they can be created with RepeatRules which let you to set an event as a daily event.

    I have the same question some days ago, you can take a look on this thread.

    Events http://developer.nokia.com/Community...ia-S40-SDK-2-0

    PushRegistry http://developer.nokia.com/Community...0-PushRegistry

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