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    Adding information to Places API

    I'm not sure if this is the right Forum but I couldn't find a specific Places API forum, please move if I have got it wrong.

    I would like to add some data to the Places API for locations which I am not the owner of.

    I know that this question has been asked in the past
    and I know it can be done if I am the owner
    and http://here.com/primeplaces/place/create
    but I would like to add information about places that I do not own or are not owned.

    Looking at the data in Places it seems to pick up data from qype in the past (but not yelp now) and more recently from TripAdvisor.
    If I do updates in TripAdvisor will places pick them up going forward?

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Adding information to Places API

    According to http://primeplaces.here.com/, the following occurs :

    Quote Originally Posted by PrimePlaces
    We pull in customer reviews and ratings from popular services like Qype and TripAdvisor.
    So yes, it does appear that your TripAdvisor reviews will be picked up, though I think the fastest way to add a review to HERE would be via here.com:

    e.g. search for your location e.g. "Brandenburg Gate" - click on the more details link in the infobubble to get the place page:


    Now scroll down to add photos, reviews etc. Works via HERE Maps on the phone as well.

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