I want to figure out a way to perform a rolling recording of video for n seconds. Here's an example to illustrate what I'm trying to achieve:
  • Let's say I want to record video for a rolling 60 seconds
  • I start the video recording at 12:00:00
  • At 12:01:00, I now have a full 60 seconds of recorded video
  • Now at 12:01:01, I want to still have only 60 seconds of recorded video in memory, but it needs to be the latest 60 seconds. This means the first second recorded earlier now has to be disposed to free up memory.

I've gone through this article and created a very basic video recorder. Unfortunately, there's just not much to work with here if you want to do anything other than saving the whole recording session. This article is compatible with WP7, so it doesn't cover any of the advanced classes now available in WP8. It's very unfortunate since this seems to be the only video recording example that Microsoft has decided to publish, and it is highly likely that the advanced new classes are required to achieve a rolling recording.

This guy has the same question, but crickets for answers ever since it was asked months ago:

This guy seems to be on the right track with the AudioVideoCaptureDevice class, but there's not much to go on here by way of an example:

The MSDN documentation for the AudioVideoCaptureDevice class is pretty worthless without examples to accompany such a complex topic:

This guy worked out his issues using the AudioVideoCaptureDevice class to record audio, but nothing about video and no mention of partial recordings

Please don't mention trying to port some crazy huge library like FFMPEG , and please don't reply just to tell me it can't be done or you don't know how. There are already plenty of those types of responses all over the internet. I refuse to believe that this cannot be achieved, and I will continue to search for the solution to the ends of the earth/internet!

If you have some working code or even ideas on where to go from here, bring on the replies. Let's work through this together and help all the other developers out there struggling with this challenge.