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    How to include rate my app message box

    How to include rate my app message box.

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    Re: How to include rate my app message box


    While there is no direct API available to add rating via code, you can redirect the users to your app page using platformRequest.

    Add /comments/add to the url of your app to get to a simple HTML page where it is easy to add ratings.

    eg : http://store.ovi.com/content/402565/comments/add

    If you are using LWUIT, you can use Dialog.show() method to display a dialog.Check the various show methods to find the one which is right for you.

    If you use LCDUI, you can use the Alert class. This article can provide a good starting point

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    Re: How to include rate my app message box

    Thank you Arunkam,

    unfortunately, it looks like it does not work with Asha UI devices. at least not my Asha 501. The platformrequest is kipnapped by the "Shopping-Bag"-App,
    which just displays the start page of the store :-(
    it works on the emulator, so my url was correct.

    Looks like we need to complain.

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