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    image viewer type Photo windows phone 8

    I got pictures in the isolated storage and i want to display them as well as the WINDOWS PHONE APP does. I would like to reproduce the same effect that the Windows phone app does when you open the camera roll and you scroll through the images..

    I find it particularly difficult because of the image orientation (horizontal and the vertical ones). I fit the vertical ones, but as soon as there are an horizontal picture any fit procedure fails!


    thank you

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    Re: image viewer type Photo windows phone 8

    (I don't know if I understood your issue)

    -If you're talking about the image list view, set the the "Stretch" property in your Image control in the list template to "UniformToFill"
    -If you're talking about the openned image set the "Stretch" property in your Image control to "Uniform"

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: image viewer type Photo windows phone 8

    Perhaps sharing some code will help us understand your problem.

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