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    Video looping flickering issue on Asha SW platform

    I'm trying to play short videos (2-20 seconds) in a continuous loop in a Java app. I'm using Player component to render the video on Canvas based view.

    The problem is that on Nokia Asha Software Platform 1.0 the video flickers almost every time when it starts again from the beginning. By flickering I mean showing of a couple of black frames, which is very annoying on light-colored video. This issue is reproducible on the emulator as well as on Nokia Asha 501 device. However, it is NOT occurring on S40 devices, like Nokia Asha 311, where it loops very smoothly.

    Has anyone else struggled with the problem and possibly found some solution? Is this a known platform bug?

    A simple code playing a video and reproducing the problem is like the following:

    import javax.microedition.media.Player;
    import javax.microedition.media.control.VideoControl;
    InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/video.mp4");
    Player player = Manager.createPlayer(is, "video/mp4");
    VideoControl vc = (VideoControl)player.getControl("VideoControl");
    vc.initDisplayMode(VideoControl.USE_DIRECT_VIDEO, this);
    vc.setDisplaySize(240, 180);

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    Re: Video looping flickering issue on Asha SW platform

    Well, there seems to be no solution for the video flickering. I have tried all kinds of sane and insane workarounds but the problem remains the same. I conclude it is a feature of the current platform video playback implementation.

    Anyhow, if the information helps anyone else, in my use case I decide to convert the short MP4 videos to a series of lower frame rate JPG images and implemented a simple Timer based animation player to show the JPG frames one after another in a loop.

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