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    Nokia firmware for 5130

    I am having nokia 5130. This phone is very much sensitive against viruses. It can be infected easily by using bluetooth file sharing or internet file downloadings. This phone is also not able to run whatsapp. I want to use this app in this phone.

    May I have any legal firmware for my phone which is not so much sensitive and should be able to run whatsapp?

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    Re: Nokia firmware for 5130

    there are no unofficial firmwares available, also I have not seen news on viruses attacking that device, anyway, you could always hide the Bluetooth, or turn it off. Also you don't need to accept incoming Bluetooth messages.

    For application support, you would need to contact the application developer.

    All and all, for queries not related to development made by you, you should use the end user discussion boards: http://discussions.nokia.com/

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