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    Lightbulb Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: summeli: Add code examples to the documentation


    I have only used imaging SDK 1.0 (I had only quick glance of the beta). The the only problem for me was figuring out how to use the Image sources. Selecting a image source for camera was easy, of course I should use the CameraPreviewImageSource, but what about photo from the gallery? Should I use the BitmapImageSource, or should I try to use the FileImageSource(you can get the filename), or should I use the BufferedImageSource?

    I would guess that the BitmapImageSource should work, I just had some bugs on my implementation (didn't call e.flush() after first copy). Maybe the FileImageSource should only be used when loading an internal resource from the application? Adding short code snippets to the documentation would help me a lot.

    As last resort I just opened a code example delivered with the SDK documentation, and noticed that Nokia used BuffedImageSource for this problem, so I did the same. I guess that I also had some problems with VisualStudio, since I did not find the function GetWindowsRuntimeBuffer() from the function list for the MemoryStream. This solution was really not an obvious one for me.

    I would like to have something like this added to the image source documentation. This could be added as an example for the BufferedImageSource.
    private void imageChooserTaskCompleted(object sender, PhotoResult e) 
    	if (e.TaskResult == TaskResult.OK)
    		MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream();
    		IBuffer ImageBuffer = stream.GetWindowsRuntimeBuffer();
                    BufferImageSource source = new BufferImageSource(ImageBuffer);
    On the positive side I like how the image processing chains are created. I think that I got my own filter correctly working on the chain with my fist attempt. That was really nice.

    Also the renderer are easy to use. If you want to produce bitmaps, then you should select bitmap renderer, but I would like to have some code examples with the image sources documentation.

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    Re: Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: summeli: Add code examples to the documenta

    Why you don't use StreamImageSource?
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    Re: Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: summeli: Add code examples to the documenta


    Maybe I should use it This is pretty much the reason for asking the code sampel for the Image sources.

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