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    Can you save a picture to a custom folder in the media library?

    I've searched everywhere I can think of, and I believe the answer is that you cannot, but I figured I'd ask anyway. Whenever I use the MediaLibrary.SavePicture method, it always puts the pictures in the "Saved Pictures" album. I see no options available to save to a different folder.

    I know you can access multiple albums (code below), but how do you save pictures to different ones?

    using (var library = new MediaLibrary())
    // get all the picture albums
    PictureAlbumCollection pictureAlbums = library.RootPictureAlbum.Albums;
    // get a specific album like the Camera Roll
    PictureAlbum cameraRollAlbum = pictureAlbums.Where(album => album.Name == "Camera Roll").FirstOrDefault();
    // get the pictures in the album
    var cameraRollPictures = cameraRoll.Pictures

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    Re: Can you save a picture to a custom folder in the media library?

    You have 2 Methods for MediaLibrary.

    SavePicture -> for "Saved Pictures"
    SavePictureToCameraRoll - For "camera roll"

    The alternative is to save on the Isolated Storage of your app.

    You can also upload your picture to a specific folder on your skydrive account. If you use the same Skydrive account that is associated with your MS Account that you used on your phone, the albums will show up also on the Albums section. It will be online, not locally, but depending on your needs, may be an option.

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