I have some questions which may or may not pertain to C++

I am developing an application to upload files to a remote web/wap/ftp server, My application will handle the uploads using FTP or HTTP.

Now what I want to do at some point is download the uploaded files back to my device. From my app I can browse using FTP and download one item at a time to the device but what if I want to download multiple items located in multiple folders all together.

1: I am guessing FTP wouldn't do, I would need a wap browser kind of functionality where I select each item I want and then download them in one go. All this needs to be done from within my application.

2: And now also what I want to do is have the user browse the server space thru an independent wap browser and have the user select items they want, then when user chooses to download I want my application to takeover the download process.

It is imperative that my application should handle the download process as I want to keep a track of the files uploaded and downloaded and make a log of the date and time of download.

For point 1: How difficult/easy is it to write Wap browser functionality within my application?

For point 2: How do I get my application to catch that something needs to be downloaded, how do I get the server to send me data which my application catches? Wap Push? What else?

Thanks in advance-Ariz