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    Windows Phone Store Certification failure

    Hi Nokia Developers,

    I recently submitted an application for windows phone 8 certification to Dev Center.

    My Application failed certification 5.1.1 Stating The application exhibits device specific behavior that inhibits functionality and features. The application's main functionality
    cannot be tested on non-Nokia devices because it requires Nokia Music.
    . I have used Nokia Music Api Launcher in this application.

    Code for Launcher is

    //artist is name selected by user.
    ShowArtistTask task = new ShowArtistTask();
    task.ArtistName =artist ;

    Can anyone please help me out what should i do so that my application passes certifcation?

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    Re: Windows Phone Store Certification failure

    Have a look here - the topic is already being discussed: http://developer.nokia.com/Community...okia-Music-API

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