Hello everyone,

I am developing an application that aims at pairing a WP8 phone (Lumia 920 in my case) with an Arduino. The Arduino has an NFC antenna + Bluetooth Shield.

The idea would be to tap the phone to the NFC antenna, launch the app automatically, and automatically pair phone&device in Bluetooth.

I have been through a lot of resources, but the only way I have found to create an app-to-device Bluetooth connection in Windows Phone is the following : using the PeerFinder class with the PeerFinder.AlternateIdentities["Bluetooth:Paired"]. But this works only with devices that are already paired manually in the control panel.

The thing is, I am sure that there is a way to pair devices automatically. Indeed, the Nokia Play 360 does it. So, is it only limited to certified partners, or can anyone implement such a thing? And if yes, how is it done?

Note : I have read about the NFC Forum Handover protocol, which is apparently possible in Windows 8. Is there something similar in Windows Phone 8?

Thank you very much for any idea!